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Do you need advice on soft skills like communication and creativity? Do you want to receive mentorship on academic or professional skills needed for success? Are you looking for insights on topics like the Cold War or the rise of social media? Do you looking for insights and training from those who teach or have taught at the world's top universities?

Our ever-growing roster of educators can provide mentorship and advice on a wide range of skills and topics needed for academic, personal, and professional success. We work to ensure that our educators address the specific needs of our clients, while providing broader perspectives for value-added impact.


Advisory Options


Take your STEM plus Arts initiatives to the next level with our experts.

Curricular Development

 We develop and create innovative and proprietary curricula, and programs for businesses, universities, and schools. 

Academic Talent Placement

Find the right educator for academic roles at your organization.

Applied Academic Consulting

Long-term historical perspectives and applications for organizations facing critical junctures and crises.

Institutional Partnerships

Partnership-building between your organization and academic and educational institutions.

Subject Expertise

Need to know about a topic in academic research? We offer academic expertise for the busy student or professional.


One-on-one virtual or in-person academic conversations with our educators.

Strategic Ethical Thinking

Structured advising for clients to discover purpose and responsibility for their organization.

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