Cambridge Humanities Group

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CHG Educational and Academic Integrity Policy

CHG is a private, educator-run corporation that is not affiliated officially with any university. CHG is dedicated to protecting the integrity of education, the reputation of our educators, and the learning experience and well being of our students.

Given the academic affiliations of our educators, CHG honors and upholds all academic trademark, academic integrity, outside activity, and any related policies required of faculty, students, and graduates.

CHG will report any requests from potential or current clients and their affiliates for services (including admissions preferences, letter of recommendations, etc.) that run contrary to these university policies to the appropriate academic authorities immediately. 

CHG will also report any prior violations of such policies if discovered, irrespective of client relationship, to the appropriate academic and legal authorities. CHG will terminate any and all relationship with the violators and seek the legal and financial remedies for any damages caused to our organization and educators.

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us.