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A platform for soft skills training and mentoring for the 21st-century digital economy

The global economy is in the throes of a skills and talent gap that will not be addressed by current approaches to continuing education. Though access to top-tier instruction has expanded in the form of massive open online courses, the skills and knowledge that individuals develop from these offerings fall short of what companies and public institutions need. More technology, more specialized degrees in STEM and business, and more online options will not solve this problem.

Through personalized instruction, discussions, and practical applications to real-life challenges, HumanaED helps you complement and enhance your professional knowledge and become a productive, broad, and innovative thinker capable of solving the problems of today and of tomorrow by applying insights gained from the humanities and social sciences.

Key Features of HumanaED:


  • Mastery of essential cross-cultural soft skills for professional advantage and personal success in the 21st century 

  • Access to exclusive proprietary teaching and content inspired by more than 12 years of teaching and advising at Harvard

  • Personalized content instruction with faculty and graduates from Harvard, the wider Ivy League, and top-tier US universities

  • Lectures with leading experts, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs from the world's top companies

  • Exclusive early access to the full HumanaED experience onsite in Cambridge, Mass. and online on our Harvard Business School-incubated blockchain platform, Expercoin

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