We work with educational organizations to meet their educator and teaching needs

Who does CHG work with?

We work with a wide range of strategic partners and clients involved in the education and ed tech spaces who are seeking top-level educators and top-quality educational content for their academic and business needs.



We are currently working with organizations and institutions in the US, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, Poland, Mexico, and Peru. 

We welcome opportunities to work with such organizations across the globe:​​

  • For-profit educational providers

  • Higher and secondary learning institutions

  • Public institutions

  • Non-profit organizations

  • NGOs

  • Any organization interested in enhancing learning and education with quality and integrity

CHG clients must agree to and uphold our Educational Integrity Policy.

We enhance the educational opportunities of businesses for the future of work

What does CHG offer?

Educator Talent Recruitment

In need of a professor, lecturer, or graduate from a top university for a specific engagement or position at your organization? Let our roster of 300 (and growing) expert educators from the world's best universities help you. 

Program/Course Fulfillment

Do you need a top educator with right expertise for your company's program, course, or workshop? Let us help you fulfill your own branded programs and courses with our expert educators who understand your needs and expectations.

Specialized Teaching Requests

Do you need experienced educators for teaching international students? In translation? Across different ages? With high-school students, college students, professionals, and adult lifelong learners from all backgrounds and languages? Let us help you!

Teaching and Content Resources

Do you need a course designed for your platform? Do you want to include expert content or pedagogical insights in your program design? Let us help you find right teaching and content resources for your onsite, virtual, and hybrid offerings.

CHG Academic Integrity Policy

CHG is a private, educator-run corporation that is not affiliated officially with any university. CHG is dedicated to protecting the integrity of education, the reputation of our educators, and the learning experience and well-being of our students and clients.


Please consult our Academic Integrity Policy available for download at the button below. 

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us at info@chged.com.

We are dedicated to superior educational
opportunities at every level
CHG Corporate and Platform Partners

We are seeking to work with a wide range of companies, platforms, and experienced professionals from different sectors who share a commitment to improving the educational opportunities of their organization and employees.



We welcome opportunities to develop collaborations and engagements for enriching and enhancing the onsite and online educational offerings of your organization.

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