Cambridge Humanities Group

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Our goal is to build the largest concentration of educators from the world's top universities to enhance educational experiences around the world

Create opportunities extra-academic impact and compensation for your teaching and subject expertise by engaging with new audiences at home and abroad

Who is a CHG Educator?

Our greatest strength is our roster of academic educators from the humanities and social sciences. Vetted and trained, they help to enrich our clients' knowledge and skills. Our educators enable our clients to realize the value of academic expertise in the form of practical application and responsible, ethically-minded impact.  

Educators include faculty, postdocs, PhD students, and graduates from:

  • Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia

  • Cambridge and Oxford Universities (UK)

  • World-class universities like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, UChicago, and NYU, and many others

Experts possess academic expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Humanities subjects like communications, language, literature, art history, architecture, music, film, performance and visual studies, cultural studies, media studies, philosophy, and area studies

  • Social science subjects like history, sociology, education, psychology, economics, anthropology, STS, and political science

  • Related STEM and business disciplines informed by humanistic and STEAM interests and backgrounds

  • Cultural enrichment subjects like art, translation, wine, philanthropy, taste development, and etiquette

We invite prospective educators from any background in the humanities and social sciences to enrich our expanding body of academic expertise. Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, lecturers, and graduate students with at least a master's degree are encouraged to become a CHG expert on a contract and on-demand basis.   

We look for these aspects in our educators:

  • A demonstrated record of excellence in teaching, advising, and communication

  • Coachability and receptibility to feedback

  • Professional conduct

  • A willingness to share your research to broader audience beyond academia

  • Intellectual curiosity ranging across different fields of expertise

Just a few of the benefits that CHG educator can expect:

  • Professional training and guidance 

  • Opportunities for additional income

  • Opportunities to share your expertise to broader audiences

  • Flexibility in choosing and scheduling engagements

  • Client vetting for mutual fit and impact

  • A chance to be part of an educator-driven enterprise dedicated intellectual quality, integrity, and responsibility